A Blended Approach to Optimizing the Learning Journey

An overview of research combined with expert insights into when blended (digital and traditional face-to-face) training strategies are most effective along the learning journey for the development of interpersonal and other soft skills.


Achieving Inclusion through Cultural Awareness

Genuine inclusiveness is an important mechanism for achieving sustained diversity. Organizations can enhance their inclusiveness by helping people develop their cultural awareness and cultural competency.


Developing a Resilient Workforce:

How Organizations Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Resilience refers to people’s ability to “bounce back” from adverse experiences and is characterized by the capacity to cope, recover and learn from them.


Success in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

With a survey of over 3,500 employees and executives in 11 countries, Dale Carnegie & Associates has examined the attitudes and opinions of employees on the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace.


Foundation for Agility

Based on the latest Dale Carnegie study findings, this whitepaper shows what agility means in the company and how to build strong workforces and a trusting work environment. The study results also show the importance of social intelligence in a corporate context and provide impulses for successful change management.

Dale Carnegie

is a leading provider of international sales and leadership training.

Top20 Leadership Training

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