Personal development

Improve interpersonal skills, gain self-confidence, strengthen skills of persuasion and learn methods to handle stress

Dale Carnegie self-development training is the foundation of our established and proven business coaching portfolio. This training helps your employees to significantly increase their interpersonal skills by enhancing their empathy with others. Consequently, they learn to develop positive relationships with both colleagues and business partners. We develop your own bespoke program based on the individual needs of your employees in which we see ourselves as equal partners with you, the client. With help of Dale Carnegie self-development training, your experts and managers will communicate with more self-confidence in everyday business life. Furthermore, our coaching provides methods to deal with stress and helps your employees to establish a more positive attitude. Dale Carnegie self-development training incorporates practical elements and exercises which have real and proven value in the workplace. Participants will be challenged to leave their ‘comfort zone’ and be able to successfully implement new gained abilities and skills in their everyday business life.

“This training has been a real enhancement of my abilities by showing me many tools for my everyday personal and business life.”

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