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  • are looking for a new, meaningful challenge?
  • inspire people for transformation and personal development?
  • have a solid business background and master several languages?

Then become part of our worldwide team of Dale Carnegie certified trainers. The next trainer certification program will start in March 2021.

Each of our 2,800 trainers goes through a unique ISO-certified process in order to deliver consistently high training standards to our customers around the world.


Learn more about the upcoming trainer certification:

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Find out what Dale Carnegie trainers, quality and training managers are saying about our trainer qualification path:

Perfect Match

  • You are currently working as an executive, sales expert, trainer or business coach.
  • You are interested in management, leadership, sales, coaching, further education, personal development – and Dale Carnegie.
  • You are between 30-50 years old, with professional experience in leadership and sales.
  • Your English is fluent. In addition, you speak at least one second language fluently. German would be good, but is not a must.
  • You look forward to delivering face-to-face and live-online training sessions for customers of the German Dale Carnegie office.


Uwe Göthert, Managing Director of Dale Carnegie Germany, to discuss next steps and opportunities:
+49 173 58 55 715

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